The Caribbean Sea lies between the Americas, bordered on the left by the Yucatan Peninsula and by Cuba and South America to the North and South. One of the largest coral reef systems in the world, it's unique biodiversity spans environments from deep ocean to shallow reef ecosystems. The Caribbean is ranked number 9 on the list of marine hotspots for biodiversity and endangerment.

Many of the images in this video were shot at Bloody Bay Marine Park, a protected marine environment on the north side of Little Cayman Island in the British West Indies. The marine park features miles of shear coral-covered walls dramatically dropping off from shallow reefs. Also featured are "underwater landscapes" shot on Grand Cayman at Orange Canyon, a popular dive site whose prominent feature is, well, orange - the large population of orange "Elephant Ear" sponges. Other images in the video were shot at Cayman Brac.
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